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Blogging experience

Do you think your blogging experience was a success?

In my opinion, I am still a newbie of the blog; this is the first time I created blog for myself that I haven’t done it before. I feel so amazing about the blog I have made. I am not the person who writes much on the internet, but since I have done this for my assignment, I like it now.

Do you think you will continue to blog?

Yes, I do. I will continue to develop my blog. Firstly, I will try to visit more blogs on the internet to learn the experience from other bloggers. Secondly, I will try to focus more on the blog configuration to make my blog a good looking. Finally, I will try to post more useful articles to attract more visitors coming to my blog.

What were the most difficult things to do with your blog?

The most difficult thing to do with my blog is making the layout. I am not a good designer, so I find it difficult to setup my menu on the blog, choosing the font style and color for my blog tec…

How easy was it to come up with new idea every day?

No, it was not easy at all. If I do not have the project guideline, I do not know what I should write on the blog, thinking a good article for the blog is not simple.

After this experience, do you have a new perspective on blogging?

Yes, I do. I would like to share my computer knowledge to everyone on the internet, therefore I am going to make subpage that will contain all the articles and knowledge bases about the computer to share to everyone.


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