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Blogging experience

Do you think your blogging experience was a success?

In my opinion, I am still a newbie of the blog; this is the first time I created blog for myself that I haven’t done it before. I feel so amazing about the blog I have made. I am not the person who writes much on the internet, but since I have done this for my assignment, I like it now.

Do you think you will continue to blog?

Yes, I do. I will continue to develop my blog. Firstly, I will try to visit more blogs on the internet to learn the experience from other bloggers. Secondly, I will try to focus more on the blog configuration to make my blog a good looking. Finally, I will try to post more useful articles to attract more visitors coming to my blog.

What were the most difficult things to do with your blog?

The most difficult thing to do with my blog is making the layout. I am not a good designer, so I find it difficult to setup my menu on the blog, choosing the font style and color for my blog tec…

How easy was it to come up with new idea every day?

No, it was not easy at all. If I do not have the project guideline, I do not know what I should write on the blog, thinking a good article for the blog is not simple.

After this experience, do you have a new perspective on blogging?

Yes, I do. I would like to share my computer knowledge to everyone on the internet, therefore I am going to make subpage that will contain all the articles and knowledge bases about the computer to share to everyone.


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What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a measure of the popularity of the website. The index ranks of Alexa website reviews from two combined factors that are the number of users who view web pages (Page Views) and the number of website visitors (Reach).
The number of Alexa statistics based on data collected from users who install Alexa Toolbar on their web browsers. On every 3 months, Alexa conducts data review and rating sites.

Alexa Toolbar is a utility to help users surf the webs; there are more than 10 million Internet users in the world using this tool.

– What is the benefit when increasing Alexa rank?

The high number ranking on the Alexa website means your site is very popular on the internet.In the online advertising market, Alexa Rank can be used to assess the value of advertising.

Number of visitors

Per day































Why these websites grew?


Facebook is one of the most popular sites for sharing pictures and videos. Facebook took aim at college age youth and then quickly brought mainstream users into the mix. More importantly, it pushed family members, coworkers, and casual friends to connect. By sometime early next year, Facebook will hit 600 million members. Over three million companies use the site for marketing.


Twitter actually working as a social network for professionals and businesses – simply because it isn’t very complicated. So many brands that we know and interact with like Microsoft, Alaska Air, Southwest, Wachovia, Dell, PCC Markets and others are doing a great job at building loyal followings, creating real-time communication platforms with customers, and the ability to target marketing specials. These interactions and the follower base are what is generating revenue and cost savings — creating more traction than fan pages of yesteryear did for many brands in places like Facebook or MySpace. So, this is why Twitter is and will continue to be valuable…


Google+ is a new tool just coming a few months ago. The advantage of Google+ is Gmail integration and the link to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc….



Given that business men and investors alike continue to focus on Brazil, Russia, India and China (known as BRIC), LinkedIn is in the right track to expand its member base in these countries. E-Marketer reports that in March 2011, leading up to the eighth anniversary of its launch, LinkedIn released updated statistics about the site and its usage. The data showed that India is the largest source of members outside the US, with 9 million members, followed by Brazil and Canada, both at 3 million. Brazil is the fastest-growing source country of new users, with 428% year-over-year growth in membership in 2010.

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Making money from blog !

Making money from blog is not just only placing Google ads on the blog, this is just only the beginning. Your job is to find as many ways as possible to maximize the money from the blog while still providing the reader experience and valuable knowledge. The complaints about ads on blogs always occur even when there is only one ad on the blog. Here are a few things to remember: the most complaining about ads on blogs also means that the visitors never click on an ad, or sometimes they might use some tools to block ads, then you cannot earn any money from them. Is it annoying if there are so many ads on the blog?

So how do you know how many ads on your blog have been clicked by visitors? The answer is simple. Traffic will tell you about that- if your traffic starts to decrease, you need to change. However, reducing traffic by placing too many ads is pretty rare. The biggest reason that visitors leave your blog is not about your blog has too much advertising on it, it’s just because they are fed up with the disrespectful way of speaking or boring and poor contents on your blog.
We take a look at one of the biggest online blog, There are 21 ads in a page. The reader won’t complain about it? If you want to make money from blogging, you should develop your blog with some amazing articles to attract reader to stay on your blog longer.
The trick to place ads on your blog is using the ads as much power as possible and split them out to see them not too crowded on the site. If placed 21 ads in one place, then certainly there will have many complaints about it. One very effective way to avoid complaining from the visitor is making the ad always in sight when the page scrolls. You can put a bunch of ads on a page and keep them look tidy.
Another trick is to use too many kinds of advertising when possible. It will be ridiculous when you put 21 banners on a page, however if you put it along with banner, text link, buttons, etc… You can still create a page with a good looking and look tidy.

Do not worry about complaints. Most readers will not complain when you have ads on your blog, they only complain you when you ask them to click on the ads before they can read content on your blog, otherwise it should be fine with your ads.

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