Making money from blog !

Making money from blog is not just only placing Google ads on the blog, this is just only the beginning. Your job is to find as many ways as possible to maximize the money from the blog while still providing the reader experience and valuable knowledge. The complaints about ads on blogs always occur even when there is only one ad on the blog. Here are a few things to remember: the most complaining about ads on blogs also means that the visitors never click on an ad, or sometimes they might use some tools to block ads, then you cannot earn any money from them. Is it annoying if there are so many ads on the blog?

So how do you know how many ads on your blog have been clicked by visitors? The answer is simple. Traffic will tell you about that- if your traffic starts to decrease, you need to change. However, reducing traffic by placing too many ads is pretty rare. The biggest reason that visitors leave your blog is not about your blog has too much advertising on it, it’s just because they are fed up with the disrespectful way of speaking or boring and poor contents on your blog.
We take a look at one of the biggest online blog, There are 21 ads in a page. The reader won’t complain about it? If you want to make money from blogging, you should develop your blog with some amazing articles to attract reader to stay on your blog longer.
The trick to place ads on your blog is using the ads as much power as possible and split them out to see them not too crowded on the site. If placed 21 ads in one place, then certainly there will have many complaints about it. One very effective way to avoid complaining from the visitor is making the ad always in sight when the page scrolls. You can put a bunch of ads on a page and keep them look tidy.
Another trick is to use too many kinds of advertising when possible. It will be ridiculous when you put 21 banners on a page, however if you put it along with banner, text link, buttons, etc… You can still create a page with a good looking and look tidy.

Do not worry about complaints. Most readers will not complain when you have ads on your blog, they only complain you when you ask them to click on the ads before they can read content on your blog, otherwise it should be fine with your ads.

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  1. Thanks For Sharing It was a good read …Making money from blog is the one of the easy & good way to make money online..I probably use disqus while blogging ..i think it is the best method than other WP commenting feature.

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